February 7, 2012

Live Agent in Salesforce

Live Agent lets you add real-time Web chat to your existing customer service channels. Place chat buttons on your website, public knowledge base, or Customer Portal and allow your customers to contact your support agents instantly.

Live Agent API Endpoint URL is available in Live Agent Settings.

Enable Live Agent check box on the user record.

1. Create Skills.
2. Create Chat Button.
Chat Button - Standard Chat Button
Automated Invitation - Pop Up Chat Button
Customer Time-Out(seconds) - End Chat after time-out
Cusotmer Time-Out Warning(seconds) - Warning for customer for inactivity

Chat Routing Options - https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=live_agent_chat_routing_options.htm&type=5

3. Live Agent Configurations
Sneak Peak Enabled - Enable it to show "Typing"
Notifications Enabled - Indicates whether to display a desktop alert when an agent receives a new chat request.
Visitor Blocking Enabled - Indicates whether an agent can block visitors from an active chat within the Salesforce console.
Assistance Flag Enabled - Indicates whether an agent can send a request for help (“raise a flag”) to a supervisor.
Chat Conferencing Enabled - Indicates whether agents can invite other agents to join them in customer chats.

3. Create Deployments.
Allow Access to Pre-Chat API - Allows to use VF page for pre-chat form

1. Works only with Console App.
2. Make sure Include Live Agent in this App check box is enabled to have Live Agent in the app.
3. When an agent accepts a transferred chat, only the chat is transferred to the agent.
Ownership of related records, such as a case, aren't transferred to the agent.

Live Agent Supervisor tab access is required to view as Supervisor.
Supervisor can sneak peak if it was enabled.
Supervisor can whisper messages to the agent if it was enabled.

Live Agent features:

• A dedicated console that lets agents easily manage chat sessions, view incoming chat requests, and transfer chats to other agents.
• Quick Text, which allows agents to create standard chat messages, such as greetings and reusable troubleshooting steps.
• Seamless integration with Salesforce records and Salesforce Knowledge articles in the chat console, giving agents easy access to customer information and knowledge articles.
• Six chatlets, mini applications that run within the Live Agent console to extend its functionality
• Visitor and chat transcript records, which let agents and supervisors view and monitor information about customers and their issues.
• The ability to customize your chat buttons and windows to include your company’s logo, specify the language users see, control how chats are distributed to agents, and associate each button with a specific agent skill set.
• Customizable agent configurations that let you create different chat experiences for agents and customers.

Check the below link for Implementation of Live Agent


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